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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fuel starvation on sharp turns?

When I make sharp turns at speed the car cuts out then has to be restarted. Carb = Carter 400. I reckon the gas must be sloshing up to the side of the bowl rather than flowing into the motor. How can I rectify this ... I understand pretty well how to take the carb apart -- does this have to do with float levels, or needles & seats, or what? Thanks for any advice.

David, it could be all of those, or none. what motor, fuel pump and tank do you have.. you are more likely to suck air in tank than have a problem in the bowls I would think..
Larry Embrey

I have been fighting that one since 1983! I also have a 400 Carter carb.Actually mine dosn't stall, but has a slight stumble when deccelerating making a sharp left turn, then accelerating. It only happens for a split second and is intermittant. Its one of those "little things" I mess with every now and then. I have played with the float level, what seems like hundreds of times. Raising the flaot level helps, but if you set it to high then the fuel percolates, then hot causing poor idle and hard starting. I have my float level at 3/8" which seems to help.
Most likly you do not have a fuel slosh issue at the tank, there should be enough fuel in the carb bowl to keep the engine running. I have gone as far as two blocks with just the fuel in the carb, when I have not remmembered to switch the fuel pump on. I would try raising the float level first. One thing I have been going to try is make a carb insulating gasket, to see if it allows me to raise the float level more without fuel percolation.
bill jacobson

Heh must be nice bill. I can't get out of a parking space if my pump is not running!! I will see you At Bellevue ABFM if we don't meet sometime sooner. I am surprised you are not out at MG's on the Pier. That is this weekend right? I have lost track of days and date completely in the last couple weeks..
Larry Embrey

Larry, yes it is, we were going, but the bad weather changed our minds.
bill jacobson

I have the same problem with a Holley Carb (350cfm 2bl) I have been advised that with a Holley you can fit a different float set up that pivots from the centre, and that should fix the problem. Has anyone tried this set up with a Holley, and what was the result???
Kim Porter

Guys, the 4-barrel carbs are set up out of the box to work on 2-ton Mopars barrelling straight down the 1/4-mile! A little extra float height -- giving you more fuel in the bowls -- should solve the problem of cars that twist and turn like a well-driven MG can. The float has to be pretty high before percolation becomes all that much of an issue, especially if you use some sort of heat shield, which most of us do. This same issue occurs on Cobras, though they probably aren't as maneuverable as MGs.

Had the same problem when driving through the Georgia Mtns. 3.5 Rover with a 500 cfm Carter. Easiest way to eliminate the problem is to increase the fuel pump pressure. I went to a 5-7 psi Carter cost US $35 but there must be others out there. I used Flexable fuel line in and out, position was under the car where the SU used to be.
This weekend drove through Deals Gap, 312 bends in 11 miles, no starvation at all?
Hope this helps.
Regards Mike
Mike Cook

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