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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fuel Tank

I have a 1979 MGB V8. I want to run exhaust pipes on
each side of the fuel tank. I don't like the idea of running the pipe along the RH side of tank by the fuel hose. Does the RV8 fuel tank have the outlet on the front of the tank and, if so, is it a direct replacement for the 1979 tank? Is there a U.S. source for this tank? Regards, Jack
Jack Renaud

I don't know about the RV8 tank, but I have already completed this modification to a new early CB tank (take-off on sidewall), with a later RB sender unit (take-off through the unit), to give me an inlet and outlet incase I decide to use my fuel injection.

I have updated my website today to include this modification.


Nick Smallwood

Sorry Website corrected today, as having checked my modifiction completed a few years ago. I must have elected to cut out the sender retainer as opposed to drilling out the spots.
Nick Smallwood

The RV8 tank is a clone of the late MGB except it also has internal work and a collection of vent pipes on the top. The sender unit carries the fuel feed and is exactly the same as late rubber bumper MGB.

Roger Parker

I faced the same problem with my 'MGA' conversion. My solution was to replace the steel fuel line that runs from the tank to pump with a new one tucked in real close to the side of the tank and running up into the boot (via a thick rubber grommet)to where I will locate the electronic fuel pump. I then got some 1/16 inch aluminium sheet, and copied the tank's side profile. This was then faced on one side with a product we use here in Australia to clad the sides of houses (a direct replacement for asbestos sheet) and on the other with rubber (an old inner tyre tube). The new panel is then placed right up against the fuel tank and riveted onto the underside of the floor. End result is a heatproof/insulated shield between the exhaust and the fuel tank. If the tank were to leak from the sender the fuel would not reach the hot exhaust. The whole set up cost me about $5 Aust.
mark mathiesen

The solution used by Mark Mathieson is almost identical to the one I used on a 79 B with twin pipes. The pipe from the sender did leak, (my fault for not securing tight enough),fuel hit the panel and did not reach the exhaust.
Mike Cook

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