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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - fuel tank for fuel injection

Does anyone know if it is possible to fit the RV8
fuel tank into the MGB, the dimensions look about
the same.


Looks the same there is one on ebay

Thanks Bob,
I've seen the tank on ebay it has everything needed and if it would fit it would take care of all the issues regarding a swirl pot and fuel return.


May be not,
Where does the RV8 locate its fuel pump? It is not an internal one. The best location for an external fuel pump isright next to and level with the bottom of the tank. You can do this is you are using an SD1 back axle, but can't with the MGB back axle because the handbrake cable takes up so much space.
I'll just paste this from elsewhere I'm tired of typeing versions out, it has worked faultlessly for me for over 40 thousand K's now and i've often had the tank nearly empty , less than 5 litres in it a couple of times. No fuel starvation, not ever.
You don't need a swirl pot in your tank. You use two in-line pumps.
A very late model fuel gauge sender (pt # ADU 3218) , which has a fuel uptake line incorporated into it, which,(via fuel line) connects to a large cheap filter (Kmart $18) , which connects to a

Thanks Peter,
This is the route I will take, that way I can use an original fuel tank.

Many Thanks for your input and advice.

Thats OK, the more MGBV8's around, the merrier!
You do need to turn the float around on the late model sender otherwise it fouls on the old pick up (now return) line in the tank. A 10 second job of unclipping, and reclipping. Some people will put their own fuel line into the old sender unit. Some of the early tanks have baffles which means you can't fit the later sender. Other people want to save the $50 for the new sender or just like to DIY. Obviously you can remove the old sender to a safe distance from the tank to do hot work on it.
I prefer to use off the shelf parts when ever I can. You never know when you need a part in a hurry and don't have time for the whole customised thing. I've never had to use the spare fuel pump by the way (I may be tempting fate here).

"Thats OK, the more MGBV8's around, the merrier!'

Peter, V6 MGB's ALSO :-)
Bill Guzman

OK Bill, V8's, V6's V4's. As long as its got a V in it I'm in favour. The spirit of the orrigional design lives again.

I forgot, also that V12 in Germany. Yikes!

Thanks again Peter,I appreciate your advice, it's a minefield out there, I also agree with you about using off the shelf parts, much easier to rectify if anything goes wrong.

Happy motoring.

A V12 MGB, do they drive the car from the boot and how hot is it going to be, as you say, yikes.

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