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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - fuel tank pick up size

i have done a 2.3 ford swap,have run into a fuel problem.does anyone know what size the pick up tube in the fuel tank is?the engine is a fi turbo charged turbo coupe engine.
ja adams

i have a FI 5.0 in my 78 "B" with an inline MSD pump. the OEM pick-up line is steel 5/16" dia. inside the tank. i shortend & modified this for the return line. I then went to the lower right rear of the tank and made a bung and inserted my pick-up line (5/16) and bent it to fit into the original sump (with the intank filter attached). the bung was threaded and has a 3/8 barb outside since the 5/16" will slide inside the 3/8" dia line and solder. this allowed me to use only one pump and not cavitate the fuel. i used the 3/8 to 5/16 slip fits at the filter and and the spring-loc fittings on the Ford lines also. flex connections were with FI rubber hose for short lenghts. fuel pump was mounted as low as practical behind the rt. rear wheel inside QP well. mounted welded to factory tow brkt.
have approx 2K miles with no fuel problems.
kelly stevenson

This thread was discussed on 27/09/2005

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