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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - FWD/RWD v6

Hi Everyone,
I have been researching this BBS for info regarding installing a GM 60 degree v6 in my "B". I am trying to figure out what the difference is between a front driver and rear driver v6. Some folks who have done this swap, say to use the RWD. My question is " what part of the installation should I be concerned about if I wish to use a FWD engine instead of a RWD? Will be using a T5 trans and Ford 8" axle. There seem to be more FWD engines available. I plan on using the fuel injection system and the computer from the donor car. Most likely will use a 3.1 from something with a high output rating. I would like the car to appear "stock" with the hood being able to close and not have to use any type of hoodscoop or blister.

Thanks for any and all help.



Check out the main two conversion kit makers, Bill Guzman (using the RWD V6), and Dann Wade, <> using the FWD V6.

I decided to go with the FWD version mated to a T-5. This was due to the aluminum heads and the fact that I got a 99 3400 out of a Grand Am at a great price. I will be updating the progress on my web site: <>.
Mike Wish

Hi Alan,
Check out-
This is Shawn Kennedy's website and he has a number of links, including mine.
I have studied very carefully both front and rear wheel drive motors and use them in my daily drivers. They both have good points to look at and both are (in my opinion) better then any BOP/R V8 conversion that can be accomplished for weight, power, affordability, aftermarket goodies (especially in RWD form) and a number of other items.

The rear wheel drive is easier to install and less hassel of sourcing parts. there are much more aftermarket items for the RWD motors with cast iron heads then the FWD units.

I do not doubt that the FWD can make a nice conversion, but more specialty parts must be purchased for these and I believe more expensive overall as well as the amount of time to convert these. The money saved by using a RWD motor can be spent on more aftermarket goodies to make it faster.
When starting to look at the late style motors, be aware that anything 1996 or newer has the OBD II system diagnostics and will need almost all of the emmissions items installed including catylitic converter and so on UNLESS you invest in the aftermarket computer such as the Haltech that killerb mentions... BTW- the haltech can be used on ours as well, but is not reccomended unless you wish to ultimatly change out the cam for a large unit and/or supercharge the motor.

For a fuel injected RWD motor with the best power and clearance with fuel injection and Distributorless ignition System (DIS), a 1993-1995 Camaro 3.4L V6 makes an good choice. The bellhousing, flywheel, clutch and so on are all Camaro units execpt for the HTOB (hydraulic throw out bearing). I have heard of people sticking with the Camaro fork and bearing, but it takes some additional work.

My opinion with out a doubt is bias, however, I have been dealing with the GM 60? line and feel I know it quite well. Your ultimate decision, as well as ANY person planning a conversion will ultimately rest on these items:
How much time do you have?
Who will do it?
What is your budget?
How much power do you need?- (Why are you doing this? to beat Geo Metros or V8 Camaros?)
BMC Brian McCullough

I also have been giving a lot of thought about a V6 conversion for a long time. I tried the websites mentioned above but only got into the killer B site. Interesting. Can a FWD engine mount up to a Camaro tranny and clutch since that seems to be the best fit? Like Alan said, the new FWD engines seem more available than newer RWD units. My daughter has a '92 Grand Prix with the 3.1 and it seems to be a real strong engine, lots of torque to move that big load. (Who, me plan sabatoge to get that engine?) Are the blocks that different when mounting to the frame? I know you're familiar with Bill Guzman's kits. Would a FWD work with this kit? And what about the headers that Killer B uses vs. Bills?

Sorry if questions are old news. I've been off the trail for a while.
Mark Rotsky

Hi Mark,
I just noticed that Shawns website is down. It had links to CCE, killerb, a Ford V6 site, my site and others. I recommended because I want people to see as many sites out there as possible for the conversions availible and make up there own mind. My site is
click on MGB v6 Conversions for more otherwise go to my links for Shawn Kennedys V6 Forum where you will recieve alot of good info..

I am searching for a new server, so it may be down for a little while after October 14th. I will also be replacing the email and telephone numbers on there as well as a possible update this winter once our new shop is up and running.

To answer your Qs:
Can a FWD engine mount up to a Camaro tranny and clutch since that seems to be the best fit?

A: Yes and no. The Camaro gearbox yes, but the starter is on the drivers side. You would be best to use the Camaro gearbox with a different flywheel and bellhousing to fit the starter on the motor. Killerb might answer this, but right now, i do not keep a list of mismatched parts to use on the FWD conversion. (Not knocking anything here, just saying you must do more parts scavenging)

Q:Are the blocks that different when mounting to the frame? I know you're familiar with Bill Guzman's kits. Would a FWD work with this kit? And what about the headers that Killer B uses vs. Bills?

A: Yes, the motor mountings and headers are completely different. The kit I sell is (Bill Guzman) CCE's kit, just sold through my company. The headers are an efficent design that work very well and require no modifications to install into the car or on the motor. There are three basic styles of heads: Cast iron (lots of performance goddies out there for these- check out such things as !!) This style of head requires the CCE headers weather it is a 1980-1986 FWD motor or 1982-present RWD motor. The second style of head is Generation II aluminium which would require killerb's header or Gen III of which was started in 1999.

The mounting kit is different in that the bosses on the block (mounting points) were changed for best location for FWD or RWD movement and supporting locations, unlike our MG midget vs. Austin Mini 'A' series motors which the motor mounts are the exact same. A person could probably make CCE motor mounts work with some rewelding, but I dont know about that.
Good luck,
BMC Brian McCullough

Thanks for the quick and thorough response. Sometimes the details can get away from us. This will help me focus my efforts better back to a Camaro/Firebird matched set of engine and tranny. I guess I'll let my daughter's car live.

One thing I may do is talk to the local tow service who has contracts with most of the local insurance brokers. Last year when he towed my daughter's previous car after the garbage truck backed over it, (Yes, the same daughter, and she was in the car. Just metal damage and a very mad daughter, thank you.) I found out that he just takes the hulks to area yards who break them up. He gets all of $40.00 for cars, but he can, and is willing to sell it to anyone who wants it for the same price. Might be worth puting an order in. After all, these cars do take a beating from the kids who like them.
Mark Rotsky

Mark (and all others),

I am mating the FWD 99 Grand AM 3400 to a 91 Camaro V8 T-5. Keep checking my website as Dann is just about through with my conversion parts, and I will update the site as I go on with the transplant.
Mike Wish

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