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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Gas Tank for FI

Im putting a Zetec into my B and am debating on the fuel system. HS6's are easy to set up and run but the motor has all the fuel injection parts and pieces already. My real hanging point is the tank, since both methods are going to cost about the same. What is involved in a high pressure tank conversion? Thanks

JMH, the only provision necessary for fuel injection that I am aware of is a high pressure pump and a fuel return line to the tank for unused fuel returning from the pressure regulator. Check the archives, I think there are threads on the use of a late style tank which used the vapor return line attached to the sending unit as a return line. A suitable high pressure pump is used on some BMW's and VW's.
Bill Young

There is no problem to mod. a NEW stock gas tank for F/I. I have done 8-9 now. will need to know if it is a 77 & newer with all the sway bar bracketts that are were the fule pump was on the chrome cars, this is were I mt. the bendex pump. I am working right now on a 79 B & I am going to move the pump. I could run a 4.2 with a carter 400 carb & I could do 20-21 mpg, with the F/I 25-28. ALL MY V-8s will be F/I for now on. I can build you a tank.
Glenn Towery

JMH- give me a day or two to try and get the website back operational. I have a page up there with how I did the fuel system for my 5.0EFI car.

Depending on the year of your car you have 2 routes you could take as I see it. Old car/tank, use a new style pick-up/fuel gauge sender and your done, you have a pick-up and a return. New style tank, the basic idea is to put the retun line so that it goes to the gas tank filler neck with a fitting in the trunk. This is a set-up I have seen used on old Fords when people do a 5.0 swap.

As for the main fuel system, the best more reliable route is to run 2 pumps. There are always exceptions, but most high pressure EFI fuel pumps do not PULL fuel very well and thus can easily lose prime fromt he tank, to get around this you use a stock type low pressure pump to feed a swirl pot, filter assembly which then feeds the EFI pump.. Had to explain, easier to show... I will have the page up in a few days....
Larry Embrey

I'm using a '94 mustang efi motor, so I am also using the '94 mustang in-tank fuel pump. The mustang tank has a swirl pot inside that is very easy to remove. I also cut the flange for the mustang fuel pump out of the top of the tank. I bought a new mgb repro tank without baffles, cut a section of the top out to weld in the mustang pump flange, inserted the mustang swirl pot and welded in the pump flange. The fuel pump bracket had to be shortened to the proper depth for the mg tank. Also, I had to create a recess in the trunk floor. Definitely some work involved, but I like the simplicity of the in-tank pump with the swirl pot.

I think the zetec is a really neat engine. If I were you I'd get the tank off of a zetec car and adapt the in tank pump. If you can't weld I would think most little welding shops could easily handle this project in an afternoon. Good luck.

Ryan Reis

It seems Gleen Towery has it about down to a science but for some reason I feel a need to mention some pictures I saw of a V8 conversion where the entire Rover fuel tank was mounted in the MGB after cutting away most of the trunk floor. Definitely more than one way to skin a cat.
Dana Wilson

See the thread "injection or carb's"

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