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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Gas tank help

I am getting ready to put pieces back on the car while building my headers and have found a small pin-hole in the gas tank. It is up by the filler neck. I checked my parts car tank and it has a bigger rust spot, but in a different place that could be replaced.

I know I have heard about people repairing tanks before. Does anyone know of a place in the US?? especially Oregon or Washington?
Larry Embrey

While I can't help with your repair (a drop of solder on a pin hole may be all you need), I'm actually curious about what to do with the fuel tank when you run dual exhaust (which I assume you are doing). Have you moved (or will you move) the tank over as I've previously read to allow pipes/mufflers on each side, or do you have something else in mind?

Wayne Pearson

Check the auto parts stores. My friend had about 5 pin holes in the bottom of his mustang's tank. We had a tank patch kit lying around. It seemed to use epoxy and some thin metal plates.
Michael Hartwig

British Victoria has new tanks for only $225.
Michael S. Domanowski

Isn't that $125 for a new tank. Larry, if you don't want to spend the money right now, try to find a repair kit as suggested. Or, ask at a radiator repair shop for a fuel-resistant epoxy. As also suggested, a drop of solder would fix the pinhole, but you have to go through the whole rigamarole of filling with water or inert gas, and then the worry will still take ten year off your life. Or...use a high-watt soldering iron instead of propane torch to do the soldering.
One last suggestion, Decker's Radiator in Portland will work on gas tanks. They put a drain and return in my new tank, but it was unused. I've heard they also work on old tanks, but can't swear to it. Their number is 503-238-1248. They're kinda far from you, but you may be able to find a shop up there to help you.

Best, Joe
Joe Ullman

$125 is more reasonable, all the tank I see are $200+. I am also concerned now about internal baffles or not. With a V8 that I plan to dip into I don't want fuel starvation.. I am looking into radiator shops now.
Larry Embrey

Another question--is 10-12 gallons enough fuel?

Wayne Pearson

I will be shifting the tank next winter when I do all the bodywork. That way I get it prepped and painted once and do not have to do patching paintjobs. I will be dumping the exhaust under the car, like many streetrods for the short term.
Larry Embrey

I just finished shifting my tank to accomodate dual exhaust. It's not as easy as it looks. It turns out that the original tailpipe mount is in the way of the tank's new location. You'll need to move the semi-circular valance cutout over also if you intend to bring the pipe out in a somewhat stock looking manner, and fabricate a new set of pipe hangers for each side. the worst of it the boot floor sectioning to relocate the filler pipe. The magic number is 3-1/4" of movement to center the tank. just keep thinking "dual is cool"
Chris Jones

Try search fuel tank sealent. I have used this stuff with great success on an old Mk 2 midget tank. I seem to remember its made in the states anyway, New England, New York or New Jersey- (something with 'New' in). Kind of a liquid butyl/rubber concoction that lines the tank.
Have to take tank off, get a hand full of 1-2" nails (not rusty) or a few sharp stones, place in tank, tape holes, get a mate on the other end and just keep gently rolling the tank. Don't forget to to remove feeds and sensors etc. Clean out and allow to dry. Tape holes again. Pour this stuff in and swirl around. Leave for a few days. Did this about ten years ago, still works fine. Keep meaning to do V8 tank to stop seeing little particles in filter near pump.
Quite cheap, might help.
Regards Richard

Rishard thanks for the info. I have arranged to buy a new non vented tank from a fellow lister. I will not be running EFI or smog pump so the vent was going to be a problem anyway. However I will probably seal this new tank before I mount it, so thanks for the info.
Larry Embrey

For the planned purpose of fitting a vintage MK IV Jaguar snap-cap type of gas cap assembly, we have to move the filler neck's location through the rear deck by at least 1-1/2" to the right so that the swing up cap will clear the r/h overrider on the bumper.
Bearing in mind that we have to fabricate a custom fuel filler tube to accept the threaded Jag cap assembly, does this filler relocation help or hinder the gas tank's eventual relocation for the fitting of a dual exhaust system?
Thanks, JM
John Morgan

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