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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Good candidate for V6 conversion.

I have '70 mgb roadster. It needs floors, rockers, main cross-member and front leaf spring mounts. Are there sufficient modifications for a V6 or V8 conversion that would make this car a good candidate. The outer rocker panels are fairly new, but I'm not sure if the inner sill was replaced. I was thinking maybe a sub-frame could be fabricated. Then just replace the floor pans and spring mounts. Am I out in left field?

I think most of the converters (correct me if I'm wrong here fellows) start with or rebuild cars to original specifications. The underside of cars that people run under 300 BHP that I have heard of, do not have a welded in sub frame. Most people utilize good or rebuilt cars.

Think of it this way- if the factory placed the inner rocker there for strength, then you will most certainly need it after adding more power to it. If you add a sub frame without fixing the parts to the vehicle that was designed by the factory, it may be possible that you are adding more weight without correctly fixing the problem which equals more weight and more body flex. These are enemies of speed and handling!
It sounds like the car is a good canidate After repairing the body panels correctly.
BMC Brian McCullough

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