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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - guage help

Well, I know many of you have converted the guages in your V8. But, I am trying to maintain the stock guages.

I am wondering what the reading on the stock temp guage correlates to when used with a stock MG sending unit? (I.E. "topdead center" is 180F, edge of normal is 220f, red is 240f, etc etc etc..)

Have any of you used a non MG temp guage sender with the MG guage? Are the output Ohms the same for most temp senders?? What changes have you seen?

Larry Embrey

The factory V8 guages use capilliary systems - you might get an answer on the MGB page.
Roger Walker

Well, I already tried that. I am thinking maybe I should buy a cheap temp guage. I have a bunch of outlets on my intake so I can hook up both and make notes where my stock guage is at different temps, then remove the cheap one.
Larry Embrey

Larry, my original dual gauge in the midget reads just slightly below the white band which marks the normal range at 190 degrees F. This is the point at which my 190 degree fan thermoswitch kicks on, so I'm pretty sure of the temp at that point. Judging from that point the upper end of the white band must be around 212 degrees. Hope this helps.
Bill Young

heh, gives me an idea at least.. I will probably spend the $15 and get a basic new unit to run until I get used to how th guage is reading. I REALLY don't want to burn up my new toy..
Larry Embrey

On my 79, electric sending unit, straight up was 180 C is 120 and H is 240 appoximately
bill yobi

Thanks bill.

I just got home with a set of guages for $15.00. Amm, oilpress & water temp I will be putting the water temp on in place of my clock for now..

Larry Embrey

This thread was discussed between 31/05/2001 and 03/06/2001

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