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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Hanging the Rear End

Three questions...

1. With the added HP/torque of a performance tuned BOP/Rover motor or Ford 302, what have you guys done, if anything, to reinforce the spring hanger points on the under body of the car?

2. What do you use for spring hangers? I'm assuming just generic hangers of the right width, but if there's something that's been found to work better, look better, or whatever, i'd be interested

3. What do you do for tube shock upper mounting points?



Email me and I can send some pics of my combination spring hanger re-enforcements and traction bar mounts.
Phil O

Rob, My plan is to use channel from the crossmember to the spring hangers. A lot like the Camaro guys do with their subframe connectors.I plan the normal tube shock conversion but plan on KYB 63-82 Corvette rear shocks. I have seen some use VW beetle rear shocks or Dodge Colt rear shocks. Here is a site that shows how to make Cal-Track type traction bars.
JN Jim

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