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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Happiness is....

Wow heard about heat wave for taday last minute, so go the car all ready, fired up this morning and drove to work.. 1st time in a few months.. Went for a spin at lunch, top down, just cruisin. Cruised home enjoying the heat. 80*+ which for us is warm. car never got over 210 (normal mustangs with this motor run 200-210*) Running a stock MG rad and 195* therm on the motor, dual 8" puller fans. Seems to be working fine!!! when it was at 210 in trafic I opened heater core and put into defroster she dropped under 195 even after I reclosed the heater core...
Larry Embrey

Congradulations on the temps. I don't know if I would call one day a "wave" but it was nice yesterday. Back down to mid 60's today up here. I don't think the fans have kicked on yet on my 4 cylinder since I moved up here. I have been planning on a 3.9 Rover conversion and had been worrying about the heat. I don't think it will be a problem unless I drive back to Missouri. Everyone keeps telling me summer doesn't start until July 4th, can't wait.


Actually it does not start till July 5th heh

4th is hit or miss...

Yeah we had nice thunderstorms today and it is cooler.. I had to make a delivery, so had to drive the truck. :-(
Larry Embrey

Based on the weather today, summer was last Monday. If you missed it, just wait a year it will be back.
Jim Lema

And there was I thinking jokes about summer lasting for two days were just a British tradition! We are currently enjoying a heatwave over here - in the southern half of England at least (I live 10 miles from Abingdon, home of MG) and the forecast is for it to continue for another week (with the occasional thunderstorm). Since late last week the thermometer in my back garden has recorded temperatures exceeding 30C (86F) every day with 34C (93F) on Sunday when the MG Car Club Abingdon Works Centre held their "Summer Day Out". On the road run from Abingdon to Highclere Castle, my factory V8 managed to "keep its cool" although I did use the manual override for the cooling fans a couple of times when road speed was low. Among a dozen or so BV8's at Highclere Castle were two roadster conversions, a Costello GT and an "unofficial" factory V8 put together in late 1977 using V8 parts left over more than 12 months after production had ceased!

Hope the Washington state summer lasts a bit longer!

Laurie Webb
L Webb

Happiness is driving an MGB with a great running 3.4 V6 (massage V6) top down and a cool 69 degrees on Pacific Coast Hwy feeling the cool breeze from the ocean.
Bill Guzman

HEH Happines is creating a muscle head from a early age....
Larry Embrey

Top down driving in the Midnight sun.

Fixing 3 years of fuel injection problems. =)

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