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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all, and thanks for the help in 2006, i shall really enjoy 2007 in my MGB V8.

GLG Lavis

..and to you Graham, mine is still on the drive, I am 10 months behind schedule but at least I managed to re-cover my headlining, and have a dashboard that all lights up!

Things done this year (remember I started from a rolling shell):

Rebuilt MGC rear axle and fitted.
Fitted V8 Brakes and callipers.
Overhauled rear brakes.
Fitted new brake lines (at least from the four cylinders).
All welding done and painted.
Donor loom cleaned and fitted, all seems to work thus far, did some custom wiring which I am chuffed with.
Dashboard stripped and powder coated, dials all sourced, cleaned and fitted. Wiper motor fitted.
Stipped painted and fitted heater box.
Got 2nd hand chrome rostyles cleaned, new tyres and fitted.
Got all glass and door mechanisims, exterior chrome cleaned and fitted.
Fitted new lights.
Managed to find sunroof for existing hole (from a 1984 Capri) and fitted (yey!).
Recovered interior trim and headlining (major, major pain but saved me 350 quid).
Got engine out of donor, cleaned up, fitted new oil pump base, water pump etc, and installed (no anciallaries or exhaust yet though).
New propshaft in.
New fuel tank, pumps and pipes.
Worked out what to do with steering, got lower UJ from the States and had shaft custom machined to fit.
Fitted new suspension, all wrong height, got some good known second hand stuff to go in instead.

Next big jobs, fit all of new interior, engine ancilliaries, exhaust, braking system, try to take on cleaning out the garage, buy large fire extinguisher.

My neighbours keep asking me when I will be starting it! "Cars will be running on fresh air before this thing starts" is the answer I give them.

Thanks to all on the BBS for your help with my project.


Liam H

Happy New Year to the UK and the rest of the world and
especially to the guys in the USA and Canada! ! !
I hope to see as many V8 friends in 2007 as I did in 2006
and hope to meet some new ones, too.
Regards, Jack
John Renaud

See you at Fast Cars in January, Jack!

Happy Gnu Year to All!

rick ingram

Happy New Year all!

Carl Floyd

Happy New Year to all.....


Pete Mantell

Bruce Mills

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all our friends in Canada, UK, Australia and worldwide!
Mike Maloney

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