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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - HEADERS FOR 3.8 GM.

Has anybody located a manufacturer for close fitting headers for GM 3.8 v-6 ?/
Sandy Sanders

If you are refering to the "GM" 3.8 (3/4 of the 305 V8) Sanderson makes headers for this engine. If you are talking about the "Buick" 3.8, I do not know.
Mike Maloney

Sandy- Yes, Pacesetter. However, when you look at the performance and starter- roasting you get with the "huggers" I might recommend a more power-friendly set through the walls. Why? Cause I'm de man here. For 2 years, I've tried to identify those fools like me who did the 3.8 conversion. My 90* effort is in a 1979 LE and fits wonderfully. The hood closes with 1/2 to spare over the EFI, OBDII, 3800 spaghetti feed of the 2001 Camaro v6 with L460-E and shortened stock rear axle/pumbkin.Used to be about 6 of us, now I just can't find anyone.....except you. I have production notes on the set of headers I fabbed: six primaries at 34 inches, into a 2 x 10 collector, balance cross tube, dual FlowMasters ( offset 2 inches) then 1 3/4 pipes out. I moved the tank over 3 inches to get the second passenger side pipe between the leaf and tank. While it was out, I installed the Camaro stock fuel pump run by the stock PCM to provide the 45 pounds, and swirl pot reguired ( a drop in unit that protrudes into the spare hub area of boot). Only real problem was u-jointing the steering to get around a plug. Contact me off-board and I'll show you some jpegs of the homey-headers, completed with a home brewed jet hot coating good to 1200* ( or so says Cashell). Goodluck, Vic
vem myers


I will be sending you out an email with a number of pics in a couple of minutes with a 1996 Camaro 3.8L V6 in a TR8. Really a nice conversion. I am assisting with wiring at this time. The TR7/8 is the perfect car for these motors. Maybe even the perfect cars for the 302 for length and width.

BMC Brian McCullough

Brian- Looks like enuf room to play poker in that bay. The 96 is usher of the Series II yes? Vic
vem myers

I believe its the same as yours in every way except the drive by wire.

BMC Brian McCullough

Yes Brian- An opportunity to swap stories here. The 1996 inaugurated "Series II" 3800 ran through 2001. This engine was voted "one of the 10 best V6 engines available" I just wish I knew of the SC feature which dominates talk groups: 245 hp before the chip is even approached for a tweakend. Vic
vem myers

any news from anyone on the 3.8 convert?
vem myers

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