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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Headlamp relay Quey

I have a headlamp relay kit and I am not sure where to take the power feed from . The rest is logical (I hope!) The moss kit says from the battery side of the starter relay but I think this for a 1800 and space is at a premium down there also heat may be a problem
ap lestocq

You can take the main feed directly from the brown lead terminal on the back of the alternator, but use an in-line fuse. If yours is a plug in connector, you may have to go down to the starter, but still use a fuse.

I concur with Moss. Take the 12v from where the battery cable attaches at the starter. Alternatively, run a line back to the battery, but that seems a bit much to me...

You don't have room to add an additional ring terminal onto the starter?

Think twice about using an inline fuse in the main feed as if that blows you will loose all your headlights - unless you have the presence of mind to pull on your headlamp flasher. Much better to fit individual filament fuses immediately after the relay, which should be mounted as close to the power source as possible, thereby minimising the distance a short can occur in that section. You can still fit a main fuse if you must, but it should be at least double the rating of each filament fuse, i.e. 15 amps per filamanert and 30 amps for the mainfeed.

Taking a feed from the battery cable stud on the starter solenoid would be a much better option than going all the way back to the battery, better also than tapping into the starter or ignition relays as appropriate. The spare output spade on the alternator *is* an option, if you have the additional large spade connector required, cutting into existing wiring for any feed of this type is not a good idea.
Paul Hunt

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