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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - heat resistant tape

I have a gap of about 1 inch where my fan protudes above the radiator which I want to cover up to stop the air escaping. The easiest/simplest thing would be to place a small strip of tape from the surround of the fan to the top of the radiator. Obviously there are some heat issues to consider (I don't know what temperature the metal on a standard radiator can reach) - can anyone recommend where to buy suitable tape in the UK - halfords only sell cloth tape resistant up to 70c, other stuff that I have found on the web are pretty expensive industrial applications.

Chris Holmes

Your radiator will only get a little above boiling point (120 max I guess).
Get a strip of rubber/plastic/metal whatever and use silcon to glue it maybe. There are various types and grades.
Or stick some gaffer tape to the top of the radiator and see if it stays put.

Cut some plastic from a used fan shroud from a junk yard. The thermo-plastic can be heated over a stove and bent to a shape suitable for riviting or screwing to your existing fan surround or epoxied to the radiator tank.
I replaced about 3kg of steel around my 78 midget's radiator using pieces cut from a V8 Oldsmobile fan shroud.
Marc Judson

Visit an A/C/radiator shop. They should have sealing foam strips just for this. It is very important to direct the air flow for A/C applications.

Kelly Combes

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