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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Heater Valves

This is going to be a dull subject, but I need to fit a heater valve into my topless 77 mgb roadster with 3.5 Rover EFI. Went for a nice ride down Pacific Coast Highway Sunday evening. My lady suggested that I turn the heat on although the OAT was about 62F........

What are people using in the colder areas of the world? Has someone devised a means to connect something at the heater rather than the motor ports? I'd prefer not to muck up the aesthetics on the front end of the motor.

Thanks and sunny skies,

Edd Weninger
Edd Weninger

Edd - the earlier versions of the VW Golf had an in-line valve which works well enough. In the UK there is a retail chain called 'German/Swedish' but I am sure you have your aftermarket equivalent.

My heater matrix has a tendency to trap air - it really needs a small circulating pump - have my eye on a Volvo unit - but circulation depends on the piping - no problem with the factory V8 but as an efi its not so good.


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