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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Heavy clutch pedal Pressure

Has anybody solved the problem of the heavy clutch pedal pressure on a V* conversion Roger Parker mentions in his book How to give your MG V8 powerbut does not give details of a suitable replacement. If you have an answer please e-mail me at jack @
J N Martin

I worked out this problem a long time ( & a lot of miles) ago!!! With the Rover 5sp. & flywheel, I use the stock rover S.D.I., TR-8 clutch, pressure plate, & T.O. bearing. & thin there is a slave cyl. & clutch hose that bolts up to the rover bell that has a larger bore & this makes a VERY SOFT clutch ped. (that I supply). On the T-5 set up I am useing the rover, Tr-8 press plate & having a 9.5 in. disc. made with the internal T/O bearing & this works well. I put in the 10.5 clutch in my 4.9 with the T-56 6sp. & it is very very hard to push!!! I know a LOT of you will say you need a BIG clutch, but I have a lot of 9.5 in clutch works very well & there is no problem for it to hold up to 300 H.P. (SOMETIMES BIGGER IS NOT BETTER!!!!!)
Glenn Towery

"Roger Parker mentions in his book How to give your MG V8 power"

Just for the record, that was Roger Williams' book, not Roger Parker. The two Rogers are good friends, and both are very knowledgable, but it was Williams that wrote the book.
Dan Masters

I'm using Dellows Bell housing, fork, and a toyota supra box. I found that a one inch range rover slave works well (one and one sixteenth would have been perfect). Gives enough travel (half inch)can be used with the std MG master, has the same thread as the MGB hydrolic hose and feels about the same as the orrigional pedal pressure.
Essentially you need to measure how much travel you need at the slave and do some volumetric equations. Then hunt around and find a slave of the appropriate diameter. (The master has a diameter of three quaters of an inch).

Try a 5/8" clutch master cylinder with the MacGregor hydraulic TO bearing. There are Girlings and Wilwoods available in 5/8. The Girling with integral reservoir are available from Pegasus Racing and other suppliers. I am setting up an MGC pedal box to use Girling brake and clutch masters with integral reservoirs. At present a Girling is mounted in my chrome bumper pedal box.
James Johanski

I use Girling MC .70" with "big hole" 7/16x20 and dash4 hose.The slave cylinder is SD1 origin equipment, the clutch pressure plate also. The pedal clutch is soft.

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