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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Help me with my rear end ( selection )

I'm about to proceed with my MGA V8 conversion and have heard people talk of using a Volvo rear end assembly. My questions are, which Volvo, disc or drum brakes, what gear ratio, and what do I do about the master cylinder for the two ( MG / Volvo ) different braking systems? Thanks in advance, John

Hi John,
I'm glad to see someone else is trying this too. I have a '58, drum wheel car that I will be switching all the suspension and brake components from a '72B. That way the B dual line master cylinder will match up to everything. The axle is a tube type but can handle up to 300hp per what I have seen from Jim Blackwood. It bolts right in and with a 0.63:1 T5 the revs should work out fine on the road. Another option is a Jeep CJ-5 axle that can be made with posi and disks in a variety of ratios without the need to shorten anything. Right now I pulled the body off and just am looking at motor mount options. After talking to a few other similiar A's, I will target not to cut the goalpost and will have to move the rack a couple inches forward. They did this in the Twin Cam too without any bump steer. I need the leg room too at 6'5". I had a friend even talk with the guy in England that did the silver LeMans car and he moved the rack too. Let me know your plan of attack.

Scott, I already did that conversion without the dual master cylinder to my 60 MGA with a 1950c.c. MGB engine. It was an easy bolt in conversion. However, I think I would like to try the Volvo, disc brake rear end this time. I'm looking forward to the V8 conversion on my 58 MGA rust bucket but, I think I might be able to do it without cutting the goal post section back and moving the radiator forward and angleing it. I'll let you know how it goes.

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re: Thread: Help me with my rear end ( selection )

Please try some Preparation-H!

Also..see my offline response to you!

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