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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - HELP V8 Conversion

I am comptemplating a R-B GT conversion to a v8 with:
a]3.9L disco engine
b]BW T5 gearbox
c]Clive Wheatley 3.07 diff.c/w & pinion swop
Engine is WITHOUT intake and exhaust equipment,flywheel,c/s pulley and a bell housing to suit the BW T5 g/box.
Require assistance from you learned and experienced folk you have carried out such a conversion from scratch and of course on a limited budget without compromising SAFETY.
Many Thanks
Trevor Burnett
t burnett

Have you seen these 200+ swops?


Hi Bill,yes I have and thanks your interest but a "one on one" saves a lot of heartbreak and headache
t burnett

I was looking at a TVR AJP V8 very light, 380hp stock 420hp easy and smaller than rover unit. same T5 box
Would make awsome car.
Was looking at swapping the c engine for one but felt that would spoil my car.
Or the TVR speed six engine ??
S w Holmes

Trevor, I'm getting very forgetfull these days, but I seem to remember another fellow from S Africa who had a V8 conversion posting on this board a few years back. Perhaps a search through the archives might turn up something. That would certaily be an advantage as far as sources for parts etc. If not then I'd think that one of the fellows with Buick/Rover conversions on the British V8 Newsletter would be glad to share details with you. With the current exchange rates it might be less expensive to source from Britian than the US, but good sources in either place. To reach more of the guys in the US with conversions try the forum area of the British V8 newsletter or the V8-V6 boards on the MG Experience
I'd be glad to assist if I could, but my conversion was a V6 into a midget so not much I can help with.
Bill Young

Good advice from Bill about local help especially for knowledge of local prices and the construction of a budget. It might be helpful to think about your use for the converted vehicle; naked power will point in one direction while the cost of fuel and economy might suggest another.
If you have to look to UK for parts, our suppliers are quite well known but email if you need direction. I also have many of the parts you would need for a 3.9 FI installation.

This thread was discussed on 10/12/2008

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