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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Help with Rover V8 tacho

Hi , can anyone help. I have a kitcar based on a TR7 with a 3.9ltr Rover v8 unit in it. Im planning on using some old ferrari gauges. Problem I have is the tacho needs a mechanical cable feed and my 1984 rover distributor does have one ( it 'feeds' an electronic tacho).

Anyone have a solution? Are there any aftermarket add-on kits which provide for a cable feed or is there another distributor I can use e.g. rover P5 / Buick . Any help gratefully received!



As nobody has replied you could try contacting a company called Speedy Cables in Swansea, Wales. There URL is:

I have used them and they offer a good service. Not sure however if they can meet your very specialist needs!


R Weston

Jason, I haven't checked in many years, but several of the old time distributor manufacturers such as Mallory used to offer tach drive versions for racing applications. Surf the web, you might find the housing you need.
Bill Young


In the 'good old days' people used to drive tachos by cable from the dynamo. That was used on early midgets and Sprites - not to mention MG TCs! You might not want to use a dynamo so why not investigate a modern instrument movement inside your old Ferrari instrument case or ask the Ferrari Users what they do.

Just my twopennorth.

P L Hills

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