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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Help with V8 Radiator please

Help wanted please....!

I have a 75 chrome bumper factory V8. The radiator sprung a leak. I exchanged it for a reconditioned rad (bought from a reputable mg specialist). Trouble is - when I took it back to the garage to be fitted they tell me that the bolt holes do not match up - i.e. the radiator does not fit in the right place in the car.

I have checked with the MG specialist and am assured that the original rad and the new one are both V8 rads.

So my question is - are the different spec radiators for different years? Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

Thanks, as ever, in advance.
Richard Saunders

Original part number show ARC 88 is listed for chrome cars whilst NRP 1059 is listed for rubber bumper.

Never compared the two so I can't confirm what the differences are, but I have seen mismatches of the rad captive nuts to the lower holes in the support panel before.

Roger Parker

You might consider taking it back as 'not fit for purpose' and getting one with an uprated core from someone like Clive Wheatley (01902 330489). The external appearance is exactly the same but has 25-30% more cooling ability, it makes a very noticeable and worthwhile difference. Mine (RB car) just bolted right up.

Paul Hunt

The chrome bumper and rubber bumper radiators are different in the location and number of the mounting nuts. The chrome bumper rads have three captive nuts per side on the angle mounting brackets, whereas the rubber bumper ones have two per side. I believe the position of the upper nut is the same, but the lower nuts on the later rad do not match up with either the middle or lower holes in the brackets on the chrome bumper car.

Unfortunately, the only radiator that seems readily available as a reconditioned one is the later one. I had to buy one of these for my restoration, I ended up having my bodyman weld up the existing two lower holes on each side on my mounting brackets, and drill new holes to match the radiator brackets.

Hope this helps,
Paul Kile
Paul Kile

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