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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Hi-torque starter wiring

Hello all,
I am doing final elctrical hook up and have run into problems. I have a new Hitachi starter and a '76 MGB which had a wht/brn wire coming off a spade terminal on the orginal MG starter up to the starter solenoid. A second wht/ltgrn was connected to a 2nd spade terminal and ran to the (+)coil side.
Now the changes: I'm using a pertronix ignition and I eliminated the resitance wire in the loom and ran power to the (+)coil from the no.5 terminal on the fuse block eliminating the need (I believe) for the wht/ltgrn wire from the starter. I hooked all the brn wires and the battery supply to the starter solenoid lug and the wht/brn to the single spade on the new starter. With me so far?
OK, I'm also using a internally regulated Delco alternator. I disassembled the stock MG connector, ran the large brn wire to the lug connection labeled "BAT", ran the brn/yellow wire to spade terminal "1" and the small brn wire to spade terminal "2" using a factory GM connector (per an earlier post in the archives).
The Problem: When I connected the battery, without the key in the ignition everything was hot! Testing without the battery shows all but the accessory circuit open with out the key. The accessory position works normal. As a final twist, the dashboard is out of the car, so no light switches/gauges etc.. are connected!
Any ideas???
Joseph Lagasse

I found the problem! The slate wire from the ignition switch came loose from an inline fuse in the engine compartment while putting in the motor. In my haste I connected it to a hot wire effectivly bypassing the ignition switch. With the problem corrected it fired right up. Man it sounds good!
My thanks to everyone that contibutes to this BBS and Dan LaGrou at D&D Fabrictaions for getting me to this point. Now for the suspension mods and bodywork.
Joseph Lagasse

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