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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Honda engine in MGB

Having modified my V8GT over the last 8 or so years and getting hooked on track days I have decided to build a dedicated track day car and build in all my modifications and at the same time shave off some weight. Starting with a rusty roadster. So far I have replaced sills, floors etc etc. and originally intended to fit a 5.0L V8.
Now I am wondering about the Honda S2000 engine after seeing one on ebay complete with 6 speed box, ECU etc.
Has this Conversion been done? and are there any pics I could be directed to?
The shell has no front inner wings at the moment and I would like to make a definate decision before I go much further.



Is this the Honda engine that turns anti-clockwise? That would make 6 speeds in reverse....
Willem van der Veer

Mark, there are two S2000 installations that I have heard of, one in a Spitfire and one in a Sprite. They are covered in the British V8 newsletter,
I'm sure you can get a lot of useful information from these sites.
Bill Young

Check the archives.

The honda engine that runs anti-clockwise is a 2.7L V6 that was used in the acura legend and the 1996 Honda Accord V6. (I know this because I have that Accord)


if you want to drive this car, go the V8 way. If you want to do devellopements on high reeving engines, suitable gearboxes and axle ratios, than go for the Honda but it will take a lot of try and error, i think.


One concern is that I am used to nearly 300hp and 314ft lb torque from the 4.6.
Although the new car should be lighter and have around the same BHP/ton, will it be as fast.

Complete engine G/box inlet, exhaust, starter, alternator, ecu, clutch/flywheel etc. is 3k which I think is good value.
I wonder how much lighter the honda setup would be.
Presumably the standard diff ratio would be oK with quafe LSD of course.
Very interesting info in the newsletterm thanks.


Mark, in regard to the rear axle, you might want to consider a banjo type so that you could change to the lower 4.10 from the MGA or even lower if you need. I've heard that the Honda is best at the top end, above 6000 rpm so a lower rear ratio would probably help keep the engine in the max power band. I've also heard from an owner that he finds the engine power comes in very quickly and can really surprise the driver if he's not ready for the sudden burst of torque. Seems a lot of these cars wind up totaled because of the power band suddenly increasing when the car is in a corner with a resulting loss of traction and a spin.
Run a low ratio rear gear, keep the car light, and you should have really fun piece for the track days.
Bill Young

John Hoyle of Hoyle Engineering, who makes the suspension kits, is currently building an MGA with a Honda S2000 engine. I'm sure he would be willing to talk to you about his experiences. the web site is and you will find contact details there. He is one of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Mike Howlett


There is a good article on this car, if only I could find it

The car also appears in an 'Ultimate Performance MG' video.

I say go for it - drive it under 6000 and it will be like a Miata powered MG. Drive it above that and it will be like someone stuffed an F1 mill under your bonnet.

If you really lovelow revving torque, it might be the wrong move.

I looked ofr this drivetrain when I was re-engining the Jamaican, but couldn't find one!
Bill Spohn

pip higam's has one of the nicest mga conversions i have ever seen, he has complete hoyle suspension front and rear and the entire s2000 driveline including 6 speed and the rear diff. he is in the UK, you can see the video of his car on a track on the ultimte mg dvd.
james madson

James & Bill are absolutely correct about Pip Higham's Honda S2000 VTEC MGA.

My B GT V8 also appeared in Minifilm's Ultimate MG DVD, and whilst it was being filmed I had the chance of inspecting NFF 364 very closely, and discussing it both with Pip and with John Hoyle.

Pip's engineering is first class, and the car is a delight to see and hear.

Nigel Steward

I have seen pictures of the MGA with the S2000 engine and it is truly awesome. Can anyone comment on whether there is more or less height under the hood (bonnet) on a B vs the A. If the B has less room would an MGC hood offer enough clearance to fit this engine in?

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