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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Hood bulge redux ...

I'm absolutely convinced now that I need a taller air cleaner. All I can fit in there is an ultra-low rise base with a 2" air filter (not 14" x 2-3/8", as most of you run, but rather a 13.5" x 2" ... hard to see the difference). The car's a CB car with a CB crossmember, and the Edelbrock carb has an electric choke -- I didn't want to mill the choke horn off. You can probably appreciate the issue. Anyhow, we plopped the car on a dyno last week for some other stuff, and just for kicks we tried running it both with my filter and with a 3" filter. There was a significant power difference above 3K rpm, and the mixture stayed constant instead of richening at higher rpms (presumably due to the fact that not enough air was getting in).

The above being said, can you guys post some pictures of hood bulges? I have a feeling that the RV8-style bulge is the best bet, and most appropriate on a B, but I'd like to see what alternative routes you guys have taken. NB I don't see how an MGC hood could help because the bulge is way forward of where I need it ... I'd like about 3/4 to 1 inch more clearance above the air cleaner.
Fred Testa

Hmmm, if you're running a 4-barrel carb with the big air cleaner, I think the RV8 bulge may be slightly too narrow. It's certainly more than long enough; it's the width that may be an issue. Otherwise I can't see why this wouldn't be a fine solution.

I've just got a V8 into a chrome bumber roadster, using the edelbrock performer inlet and carb with the 14 inch low rider air filter, i've got thr RV8 bonnet on the car, with the centre bar removed,it still looks very tight to the bonnet, i wouldn't be able to get a 3inch element in. One of my friends has a small block chevy in a XJ6 jaguar, he has just got a KN filter (think it was called an Extreme), that has the lid and sides as a filter, so air is drawn from the top as well as the sides, surface area of filter would be greater then the additional 1 inch of element. He ordered this part from Summit racing in the US.


Ian Sanders
Ian Sanders

With RV8 bonnet and 3x14 drop base, I have about 1inch gap to bonnet at edge of filter.



Before you go screwing up your hood, why not investigate those offset drop base air cleaners. If you can get the air cleaner closer to the firewall, you will gain hood clearance.

Just a thought.

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