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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Horn push conversion

I have a 78 that I have an mounteny steering wheel that was bought for a 75. I would like to convert the horn push from the stalk to the center of the wheel. It appears that the new steering wheel has the ability to be used in this fashion, but what would I need to do to the column to get this done. I see that on my 73 that the post that provides the mounting for the cooper arm to get to the wheel is part of the washer stalk assy. Do i just get on of those and put it on or has someone else devised a neat trick for getting this done?
andy heston

I'm doing the same thing with my car, the horn part that is. I have a '77 so it has the horn on the stalk and the signals cancel by the tabs on the back of the black steering wheel. I have a '73 steering column that I am using for parts to make a hybrid column. With the early upper bearing support piece used on the later column, I plan on running the early signal and wiper switch assembly, including the horn contact and on column signal cancel. This should take care of the signals cancelling, as well as the horn in the center of the wheel. Hope this helps.

I fitted a Mountney S/wheel on my '78 MG ,but I retained the stalk switch. It's far more reliable than the flimsy arrangement provideed by Mountney.
On my '71 MG, there was no stalk switch so I tried to make the centre push switch work. The original standard armature ,that provides connection from the horn push to the slip ring on the steering column was too long. Also there was no way of connecting it to the horn push adequately. I ended up retro fitting the stalk type switch from a later model.
On a '78 installation, the Mountney wheel needs 2 roll pins inserted in the back of the wheel/boss to cancel the indicator switch. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

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