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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Hot Starter

My mechanic is finishing up my Camaro V-6 conversion (with B. Guzman's kit) and we are experiencing a Hot Starter situation. Has anyone else been down this road? His solution seems to be to buy a high torque starter. Will this cure the problem without coating or wrapping the headers that pass next to the starter?
Bob Fish

Bob, bad starter bushes causes the starter to fail.
Some straters have a shield to protect the strater.
Try a replacement starter first before spending big bucks on a high torque unit.
Bill Guzman

Welcome to the wonderful world of GM starters. I have the same problem on my V6 midget. Failure to engage the solenoid is common on these units when hot. Chevy installed heat shields on many of their trucks and passenger cars for this problem. Try to locate a starter heat shield, either aftermarket or factory, if this doesn't work try adding a remote solenoid such as used by Ford. This sometimes helps. Connect the cable from the remote solenoid to the original solenoid and install a jumper wire from the cable termial to the small terminal where the solenoid control wire is now attached. Also, if you have an electric fan which is powered when the ignition switch is in the starting position, either rewire to the 'run' contact of the switch or install a cutout switch. You will need every volt and amp available to crank with a hot starter.
Bill Young

The factory V8 has a heat-shield between starter and manifold. You should have a starter relay between ignition switch and solenoid, and it should be using a hot supply from as close to the main battery cable as possible. Bad connections at the solenoid can cause hot starting (as in no cranking) problems.

Paul Hunt

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