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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - How can you tell a conversion from a Costello?

How can you tell a conversion from a Costello?

Is there a register of genuine Costello converted cars!
Nick Smallwood

Contact the V8 Register. Website is

Mike Howlett

nick, there's a guy in farnborough (kent) called dave vale who runs a V8 conversion shop. he used to work for costello and he would be a good person to ask (very nice bloke). give him a call on 01689 858716.

J P Connor

Here's the link to Dave Vale:-

and the Costello V8 page:-

R V8
A 1600 Mk I Roadster

Nigel J S Steward

The ones with the upside down wheel barrel on the hood, those B's are the real thing.

Does anyone have better pics of that Costello hood (the one with the power bulge)??
Carl Floyd

Here are a few links online that I found.

Thanks, Jake.

I hadn't seen the 2nd pic before. It give a better idea of what that bulge looked like.
Carl Floyd

Does anyone know if the Costello "egg-crate" grill is available anywhere? I think they are really great looking on the GT. It makes the car look much like an old Ferrari.

Looking at the bonnet bulge on the costello cars gave me an idea. Has anyone ever used a roof section cut from an old Volkswagen Beatle for a bonnet bulge?

Mick McKelvey

1974 MGB GT V8
1974 mgb roadster v8
1967 MGB Roadster RHD
1937 MG TA
1980 Rover SD1


I bought a red 1972 BGT, which, I think was a Costello. It seems that there are no real records left now. Dave Vale doesn't have them.

I asked the DVLA for the registration history of my car and that showed it was fitted with the Rover V8 before it was first registered for use. That sounds reasonably convincing to me.

If you care to contact me off BBS I'll go through what I can remember but, unfortunately, the car was destroyed by fire about 18 months ago. However its engine, gearbox, bonnet, rear axle and brakes were already in the process of being transplanted into a 1978 BGT


P L Hills

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