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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - How to connect SFI fuel lines to 3.4

Hello All,

I am looking for info relating to the best method for connecting hard fuel lines to both the SFI fuel rail and to the fuel pump. My current plan is to use a honda civic fuel pump grafted into the top of the MGB fuel tank. I will use the existing MGB fuel line for the return line and a slightly larger hard line for the feed line.

1. Can I safely use rubber fuel line, made for fuel injection, and hose clamps to make the necessary connections? I could use double hose clamps on each connection if it is necessary.

2. Does anyone know if adapters exist that would allow me to use the Camaro fuel line connection for attaching to the fuel rail with a braided steel fuel line that could connect to the hard line via fittings (perhaps AN 5 or 6)?

3. Is it a "no-no" to cut the hard line into two pieces so they can be installed easier and then joined with a union on the order of that used in the long steel brake line?

I will be greatfull for any info anyone can share about how best to make connections between hard lines for a fuel injection feed line. I understand it will be under atleast 45 pounds of pressure.



when i am in the situation of doing this jobs, i allways visit my local hydraulics shop (they normaly repair hydraulics for commercials) and talk with them about my ideas. Within many many years, they allways had the right solution in their warehouse for the MGs and the boats. If connetions were needed that were not available off the shelf, they just fabricatet them from different fittings and pressed in hoses.

If you have tried this once you will be wondering why the lienes to the oil cooler are that expensive as automotive spares!!

I remember, once i was running into the same confusion as mentioned by you and it was an easy solution with in line fittings for pipes of hydraulic motors.

Hope this helps


You must use the high pressure line in the high pressure circuit, of course. And you must use special fuel injection clamps, not 2 regular style clamps.

In fact it is a good safety idea to use that sort of clamp on the return line as well.

No problem with cutting steel lines and joining them once installed with a short piece of hose and suitable clamps.

In the pic, the blue is the high pressure circuit.

Bill Spohn

To connect the special fuel injection fittings that used 0-rings on my GM 2.8 to the chassis fuel lines I made up two adaptors which used the original GM fittings on one end and braze on AN fittings on the other. I then could use AN fittings from there to the filter and pump. Fule pump pressure is only around 40 psi, so as long as the rubber line is rated for fuel and that pressure you shouldn't have any problems, I just feel safer with fittings instead of hose clamps.
Bill Young

Rich, one more thing if you intend to go without special brazed on union fittings - when you put the hose and clamps on, make sure that you push the hose up past the embossed ring in the Camaro steel lines, and make sure to put a slight double flare on the steel lines you make up - this prevents the line from ever slipping off the line. 40 PSI can push out a lot of fule in a short time.....

You might need a bit of PBR brake grease and some force to get the lines over the flares, but it is worth it!
Bill Spohn

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