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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - How to mount the air flow meter?

Hi All,
Hot wire EFI airflow meter - how have you all mounted them to the car?
Attached to the car or the engine?
I read somewhere it should be isolated (electrically) - true/false? If true, how have you mounted it?
Tony Bates

I have mine attached to the guard, LHS, as far forward as the loom will allow. Infact to the old radiator attachment point which has some handy captive nuts. I used two strips of steel, infact the old radiator braces, cut short. They attach under the very large hose clamp that holds on the air filter. Like struts, one to the side and one downwards. Any forward/backwards movement is soaked up by the rubber air conduit.This was a temperary "get the thing on the road ASAP" 10 minute Fix (3 years ago!) that actualy looks quite good. The air filter seems to float in mid air as the struts aren't particularly visible. At some stage I intend attaching them to two of the four screws that hold the airflow meter together.

Tony - the RV8 has it in almost the only place it can go - portside inner wing top - where you can also fit an air filter forard and a suitable amount of tubing to allow for engine movement behind it.

The RV8 bracket may well still be around (try Brown & Gammons) - email if you want a diagram.



Thanks for asking that question, as you know I face the same dilemma.


I am also interested in the diagram of the RV8 bracket.

David Cousins

The position on the RV8 was a dirfect result of what I did on my car when the BL board viewed the car and discussed the various fitting issues in July 1989. The AFM needs to be electrically isolated for reliable service life and no spurious inputs. The actual bracket is a modifed Range Rover (or injectd Discovery) one so there is a much greater opportunity to find one of these than there is in finding a genuine RV8 one.

The AFM is very simply attached to the bracket by simply sliding into the tube end of the bracket and then being held by a couplke of spring clips. A rubber O ring providing a simple air seal and anti rattle function. Making up something similar should not be too difficult and in the absence of an original pattern MG or Land Rover part, a good option.

I would also suggest that you closely examine the filter screen at the intake end of the AFM as this has been known to become detatched. I would also make the point that when your looking at anything over around 250bhp from these engines that filter screen becomes airflow restrictive.


Roger Parker

Well hows that for dumb luck?
If I had done a "good job of it" and attached my struts directly to the air flow meter I would be having all sorts of problems. As is just hooked under the hose clamp they are insulated by the rubber end of the air filter!
I will now go out and buy a lottery ticket.

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