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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Howe Racing's HTOB

I've chosen a hydraulic throw out bearing from Howe Racing to replace the stock lever.
The H/R product is about half the price of the McLeod by the time it's sold in Canada. Howe Racing's P.N. is 82870 for the bearing assembly, any comments on reliability from those that have used it would be appreciated, thanks JM
John Morgan

What are you using for a transmission? I looked at the Howe HTOB a while ago but they had only one for Saginaw, Muncie and T10 tranny. I'm using a T5 so didn't look into it further.
I'm messing around with an old HTOB from a late model Chev pickup to see if that might work before I throw down the big $$$ for a McLeod.

Errr.... yes, a T-5. Guess I didn't spot the ommission of the T-5 from the compatible trannies for the H/R offering so I'm going to contact them and just make sure that it can't be done. "Can't" is a horrible word, there must be a way of making the "Annular Slave Cylinder" (as Taylor Race Engineering call it) fit the front end of the T-5.
See their products at
I may be joining you yet on the S-10 option... McLeod's may have been a budget hardware store chain in Canada but the McLeod HTOB ain't no bargain in Canadian bucks.
Cheers- JM
John Morgan

What year models/engine combination of the S-10 used the hydraulic throw out bearing? Often, GM parts are more expensive than aftermarket, but at these prices, it's worth the look.


The howe CAN be used, but when I checks it was just as expensive as the McLeod unit, as they had to custom put topgether parts ertc, plus said I had to use a different master cylinder, etc etc..
Larry Embrey

mail me back please, your e-mail link doesn't work for me.
John Morgan

The Chev/GMC HTOB that I'm looking at is from the late model full size 1/2 ton pickup. The key will be the inside dia. of the HTOB to fit over the tube that covers the input shaft, the distance the HTOB will move when cluth depressed and the clearance between the HTOB and clutch when at rest.
They also use a slave cylinder that is bolted on the side of the bell housing on some models. A mount/flange could be fabricated to possibly use the stock Buick ball and arm. Haven't looked at this option yet. The Chev/GM HTOB retails for $134.00 CDN.

As a follow up on Phil's information above, Howe Racing's stock clutch HTOB retails from a Canadian distributor at $240 Can, plus taxes, plus about $12Can shipping interprovincially. My measurements of a Muncie M-21 and a T-5 side by side show that the H/R unit should fit both a GM T-5 as well as a Muncie.
The compressed height of the H/R bearing is shown as 1.652" and extended is 2.441", therefore 0.789" of travel. Shim pieces can be ordered if you don't have the capability of making them.
I like the sound of the GM unit myself, leaves more dollars for the rest of the conversion...
john morgan

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