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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - HTOB clutch line to MGB master cyl

hello all,
im trying to figure out my release bearing situation and am wondering what everyone has done successfully. i have a quartermaster HTOB with the dual lines in and out and am curious how to attach it to the master line. should i get a new line made from the banjo fitting down the side of the tranny tunnel or does someone make one? or is there an adapter hose from the stock clutch line to the QM line?

I'm not familiar with your HTOB, but my Mcleod has a -4 AN fitting.

So I just changed the banjo fitting on the master cylinder to a -4 AN. And will get a premade stainless teflon line to connect the two. THey can be had for around $40
Michael Hartwig

Dan Lagrue at D&D fabrications has ones he made for the McCleod. $50, but it is a high quality stainless braided line with fittings at both ends and the banjo fitting for the master cyl, just bolt on and never look back..
Larry Embrey

Larry or others, I can't seem to reach D&D at 810-798-2491. Did they move?


Stan Arendts

ive been lookign around for the adapter and cant find one, my clutch line has a 4MJ are and the quartermaster line is a 3FJ. anyways im still trying to work it out.

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