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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Hydraulic Throw out Bearing Releasing Slow

Drove down to Gatlinburg today had noticed a problem with the clutch releasing very slowely if I have the clutch pushed in for a period of time (trying to pull out onto the road) it releases slowely. If I dont do that the clutch is ok. It is very hot here and the clutch line is 6 inches away from the header. Could this be due to hot fluid, The hydraulic bearing, master cylinder or pressure plate going bad?
Jim Miller

If it has only started doing it I would agree it is possible the high temps and lack of air flow.

It may be a seal on the way out but in my experience they thend to go prety much without a lot of warning so if it is still OK after sometime length of time it is more likely the cause above.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas


do jou know how old your clutch hose at the slave cylinder is?
Due to age it can become blocked and aught to be changed if no silicone brake fluid has been used in the system!
Good quality hoses can be made by any hydraulic service, they are most often cheaper than the OEM too and of better quality, as I learned some years ago.


I just repaired a similar problem with my HTOB; a Braided steel line wore through where it entered the housing, putting a pinhole leak in the line. This initially caused the exact same symptom you had till the fluid ran out then it wouldn’t allow the pedal to return at all. Just replaced the line last Friday, I’m yet to bleed and replace the exhaust.

Before I discovered it was the line I thought I would have to replace the HTOB Glad I didn’t have to just drilled a 1 ¼” hole in the bell housing and was able to access the line that way.

This was the reason Amy Sue and I didn't make it to the V8 meet in Townsend this year.
Michael S. Domanowski

This thread was discussed on 22/06/2006

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