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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - I just asked..and she said Yes..and she likes MGs!

Hell, I know its not MG related...but not 10 minutes ago i popped the question and she said Yes!!!!! (and i'm allowed to play with the MG whenever i want)So you guys are the first to know! EEEEEEEhhhhhhAAAAA
mark mathiesen

Hey congratulations man! That's great news! You still get to play with the MG whenever you want to! Congratulations on her saying yes to the big question too! =)

All the best,

My wife and I just celebrated our 18th wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wells anniversary on Sunday by taking a spin in the V8 MGB with the top down, so good luck to you. I hope that sh will continue to let you play with the MG.


Congratulations!! We are truly privilaged to be placed in such a superior regard. I hope she has small hands (for wireing under the dash) and has a mechanical incline. May your steering never waver and your suspension remain stiff yet supple. Don't wear those greasy things at the ceremony.

It has been the best 18 years of my life.
Bill Guzman

Well done mate,

The best memories I've got are with me and 'the crazy woman' driving from Sydney to Brisbane one Christmas. Years ago I was going to sell the car but she wouldn't let me! Sometimes I think they get more attached to our MG's than they do to us.

David Staines

Congrats Mark!!!!!! I have to agree with Stainzy--some of our best times have been in the MG and with MG friends. Eleven years for me with my bride. Before we were wed she asked if she could have a "little round sports car"---that turned our to be our B--now being converted at her request to a V8. The only time she objects to me working on the car is when she wants to drive it. We would never sell the car or split up--it has been truly wedded bliss. Life is perfect with a good woman and an MG.
James Johanski

Congrats. A trigger to remind me that next year will see our 30th. When we were engaged she suggested I sell my Lotus and buy another MG - sensible girl. She always said that me having more than 1 MG was far better than me having more than 1 woman.

Get that statement about the MG in writing!! After the ceremony the rule book changes and YOU don't get to make any of them!
Kurt Schley

Congrats mark, my wife also loves MG's. How about an up date on your MGA V8 project.
Lyle Jacobson

Mark - Get it in writing.

In 1973 I begged my wife to accompany me to the local BL dealership to look at the cars. After many weeks of pleating, she relented and we went for a look. After oohing and aahing over some Jags, Jensens and finally an MG, the salesman came by and tossed me the keys to a purple MG parked in the lot with the top down. He said "take her for spin!", we did. We were gone for almost an hour and thought the salesman would be nervously wondering if we were going to return at all. When we finally made it back, he was waiting and to my surprise only asked "What color?" I started to open my mouth to say not today, when my wife blurtted out RED! We really enjoyed that old '73 Damask Red MG:-) Develop and enjoy your relationship and your MG.

I'm sure that these postings about MGs and relationships should go under "technical".
This really is not the correct forum for this kind of discussion

Mark, Mate well there is only one thing to say: Congratulations of course!
Sounds like the perfect lady.

Note to Stainzey:
SHE would not let YOU sell it ???!!!

OK Guys, C'mon.
What is it you know that the rest of us don't?

Pete, Sydney.
Peter Thomas

Congratulations. Hope that you don't have to wear overalls on the first night!

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