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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - I6

Good evening,

Does anyone know if there have been successful straight six conversions for MKI mgb roadsters (LHD), and let's ignore the MGC engine for the sake of argument. In particular, I'm thinking about the Ford 2.6 with triple SU's that Mr. Rudd worked on for AC ... or the Aussie straight six that MG considered and rejected for the MGC....

Does anyone have any reference material they can point to?

Thank you.

vr, Pat
Pat Neher

Pat, the front suspension crossmember on an MGB makes the fitting of a straight six very difficult. The Aussie "Blue Streak" motor was produced 40 years ago & in very small numbers so is virtually exstinct. In the seventies,in Australia, Ford shoehorned a 4.2 litre straight six into a Cortina. It was a very fast straight line car. GM fitted a 202ci six into a Badged Vauxhall Viva & Chrysler fitted a 265 hemi into a small normally 4 cyl. sedan. But all these cars had McPherson strut or torsion bar suspensions. In today's market, I think the Nissan or Lexus 3 litre straight sixes are the pick of the bunch. Good luck,I think it's a tall order. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Doesn't Ford in Australia currently make a strong (~300hp)I6 with a turbo? I recall looking into it for a lightweight '65 Ford Mustang fastback project a few years ago. Would have worked good there but probably not for the MGB
Edd Weninger

You could look at how Ford did it in the fox body mustang (79-82). I believe it was the 250 cubic inch straight six.
JN Jim

The Australian built engine you mentioned was used here in the locally assembled Austin Freeway and Wolseley 24/80 models and was known as the 24Y. Total capacity was 2433 cc and the engine was essentially one and a half 1622 cc B series engines.
Power was listed as 80 hp and even tuned by MG the power was only 115 hp.
The engines these days is sought after by those restoring the above models

The Ford in line six is still produced here but now with 4 litres DOHC , 4 valves and variable valve timing. A five speed manual or auto gearbox is standard and a six speed manual and auto box is an option. There is also the intercooled turbocharged version with 550 Nm (405 Lbs ft ) of torque. Details are available from

The problem you may encounter is the same found by MG themselves. Namely that of the engine and the front cross member needing to occupy the same space.

An alternative may be a Japanese in line six of about 2.5 / 3.0 litres of which there are quite a few examples or perhaps a BMW engine of a similar capacity.
Both of these alternatives may be more viable than the Australian built items.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

I have always felt that the way to fit an I6 in the B is to legthen the car between the front bulkhead and the front axle line. I guess this could be done wil fewer panel changes than there were between the B and the C.
David Witham

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