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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Identify this clutch?


Since it's apart, I might replace the clutch but I don't know if it is a Rover clutch or an MGB clutch. The car has P6 motor mated to an MGB gearbox via a crude plate.

Here's a pic of the plate:

Here are a couple of pix of the clutch:

Also, I've never seen a cluch with a bearing in the middle of the cover before. The release bearing seems to be a lump of graphite, that rides against the bearing in the middle of the cover. Wierd!

Please let me know if you recognise the clutch. I suppose it could be MGB, P6 or SD1?



Nick Wilson

Good luck mate!!Are there any part numbers on the plate or cover??

In style it's pretty much identical to the 1275 midget of 1968-74, but bigger. Are there lots of spare holes in the flywheel? A logical guess would be an MGB clutch on a redrilled P6 flywheel. If you are over Reading way, drop in to Beech Hill and they will probably identify it.

Looks like MGB to me.
Jim Blackwood

looks like the one I took out of the MGB,


The clutch kit you have displayed may have come from three vehicles which are Triumph TR8, MGB , and or Jaguar XJ6 2.9. I say this because I recently replaced my clutch disc in my 8 conversion and the disc that was fitted was from those models. The plate on your car was probably made by Dave Vale of V8 Conversions in Kent. I have the same adapter plate on my car. Good luck with getting a replacement clutch kit. Hope this helps.


I used the V8 Conversion Co. kit on my first conversion and that is the clutch I used. It is a 9.5 in pressure plate from a MGC and a MGBV8 orTR8or SD1 disc

Nick; SORRY. I got it backwards. The disc is MGC and pressureplate is TR8, Rover SD1 or MGBV8. You will find any clutth shop can build one. They are simialr to the Ferrari 308 or 318. Spring pressure may be different.


Sorry AGAIN, I was right the first time. The V8 Conversion Co. (David Vale) used a MGC PRESSURE plate and the clutch disc is from the B V8 or TR8 / SD1. In a local clutch shop I found several clutches that use the hard steel center section on the plate similar to the MG 4 cyl.
The MG 4 cyl i an 8 in disk however not 9.5 inches like the BV8 / 1 / TR8. The GM T5 clutches are about 10.2-10.4 inches.

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