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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - If I were to do it again...once again

This is another attempt to open up this thread to what you would change, not "who you would change." We all have stories of poor workmanship and missed deadlines. I hope we can keep this thread to information that is informative in a "positive" manner. If you have a concern with a vendor, start a "Vendor" thread. Thanks

I was talking with my friend, Larry, the other day about his V8 roadster. He has a beautiful car that he built 9 years ago, with a coil over rear suspension and panhard rod of his own design. As I was sliding around under the car asking questions and admiring the setup, he was telling me how he would have done it differently, citing the cost, time and bang for the buck factors of his rear suspension. He's running 14 inch LE wheels but would prefer to run 15's for the ability to change to larger brakes in the future if he chose. His car is powered by a 3.5 Rover that has been professionaly built. Our discussions and his recommendations caused me to look for and find a 3.9 to achieve the same or better power for less money in my car. As we continued to walk around the car and discuss the ways to approach my conversion, he often said, "If I were to do it again, I'd...." This got me thinking about what those of you who have completed your cars might change, "If you did it again." To those of you who have completed your conversions what might you do differently if you were to build your cars again. On the other side of the coin, you might share what you did with your conversion that was brilliant and has been a great benefit to your enjoyment of the car. I searched the archives for a thread like this but did not find one. I think it would make for an interesting and lively exchange of information and ideas. I'm looking forward to your responses. Thanks

Patric McCracken, Missouri, USA,
V8 conversion brake upgrade-use Volvo hubs, wheels,rear axle. late model ABS front caliper.Rear axle fits tight without narrowing pay attention to back space. Use volvo master cylinder,this has all been done without precision machining. Ihave done this conversion on 75 midget 3.8 liter V6.

Bill Guzman, USA < Ca.,
Dan, I have completed the cycle. What I have learn is to plan everything ahead of time including the funds to do it with. Know what you want and the purpose of the project, eg; Use daily, show car, race car etc. And a plan with realistic dead lines, dicipline, do it for yourself not others, and most important, confidence that you can do it.
Good question Dan.

Dan Bogdanski

This thread was discussed on 01/11/2000

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