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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - ignition cables

Hi guys,

what kind of ignition cables are you using in your (rover ) powered MG B?
I am using a standard SD1 engine and would like to have a stonger spark.

regards, Arno

I used Taylor Vertex High Performance Pro Series 8mm part #078355 98.00cdn for my 69 Rover 3.5 1974 1/2 MGB conversion. And so far (3 driving seasons) I am happy with them

Bruce Mills

I have Taylor 8 mm wires on one, Accel 8 mm on the other. Both seem to be more than adequate. Taylor wires are a bit more flexible, have a nicer insulation & have the best spark plug boots I have ever used, with groved flats on each side to provide a good gripping surface for removal.

Bigger plug wires will do little to improve performance by themselves and are really unnecessary unless you are upgrading the coil. Stock wires are fine with a stock coil. If you upgrade the coil, then upgrade the wires.
Jim Stuart

For the point type ignition systems I would recommend Accel's copper core wires for the hottest spark conductivity and cost efficiency...
7mm = $15.95
8mm = $23.88
(Summit Racing)

But for those with HEI ignitions it is required that you run a FIELD(not necessary to have to suppress the spark itself)with a spiral suppressive wire.

Accel 10.8mm = $89.99
-this is advertised as 150 ohms per foot resistance, but is comparable to 50 ohm wires.(heaviest gauge wire)
Accel 8.8mm(300+ series)= $63.99
- 150 ohms per foot

Taylors comparable wire to the Accel 10.8mm is their 10.44mm wires (Thundervolt 50 series)= $111.99
- 50 ohms per foot.

And lastly, pertronix "high performance" wires are rated at 500 ohms per foot..weak.

MSD 8 mm wire The best in the market thus far. Under $50
Bill Guzman

I had mistook MSD as being too high in resistance, when it actually provides "suppressive qualities equal to that of a 1500 ohms per foot resistance" wire, BUT with the actual 40-50 ohms per foot resistance.

This at a price I see listed for around $60.


I just replaced my MSD 8 mm (blue) wires with their 8.5 mm wires, and I got these in black. I also use the MSD pro-billet distributor and 6AL ignition box.
Michael S. Domanowski

I know that MSD's distributors are one of the best, if not thee best.

I have always been intrigued by the multi-spark they really make a noticeable/appreciable difference?

I had purchased a 6AL once, but never installed it. Something about it, or the installation deterred me.

The MSD 6 series boxes are terrific. I have used them in almost all my cars for over 25 years.

Proof of their effectiveness is the increase in idle speed after installation with no other changes.

The MDS 6A 6T & other models are completely compatible with a Pertronics conversion to your stock distributer.
Couple this with a good set of 8mm wires & you have a top performing ignition system without spending big dollars, not cheep, but under $400.00. The 6A box is around $225.00, Pertronixs from $67.00 depending upon the source, plug wires from $40.00 up.
Jim Stuart

Appreciate that perspection Jim.
I will definately be taking another look at those discharge boxes.

Nothing like a Hot spark(s).

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