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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ignition timing

sept 1973-Factory V8, only modification was PO fitted tubular headers, K&N filters, and slightly richer needles, question is should dynamic timing still be 8degrees BTDC, does anyone run their similar tuned 3.5's at different setting?(still trying to sort out light throttle misfire-see factoryV8 carb thread)
thanks in advance for help and suggestions
Nigel Griffiths

>>>thanks in advance
===excuse the terrible pun..... ;-)


My car is similar to yours and when mine was dynotuned early in the piece the recommended timing was 13 degrees advance dynamic. I also have 10.5 to 1 pistons and use premium unleaded which is 96 octane.

(from a former Bedfordshire resident)
Ian G Buckley

75 factory V8 otherwise ditto i.e. tubulars, K&Ns and richer needles. I use the same timing, for no other reason than it seems to make precious little difference what the timing is set to, and when the centrifugal mechanism was seized and the vacuum capsule punctured neither did that! I can't feel any misfire when driving, but the gear lever does seem to flick very slightly from time to time if the revs are held steady at higher than idle when stationary. So maybe I have similar but less noticeable - or maybe I'm just insensitive. I use standard unleaded i.e. 95 and no additives.
Paul Hunt

I have found on a 4.2L at least that the mechanical timing hardly makes any perceptible difference. One thing I noticed was that total advance MUST be limited to about 38-40, or all hell breaks loose and the thing overheats. I forgot to set the max advance stop last summer and the thing was WAY over-advancing -- still not even the slightest pinking though -- and the overheating was just ridiculous. Dialed it back, and all's well.

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