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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Increased cost burden for V8 owners in the UK?

Woke up this morning feeling reasonably content - then I heard this on the radio:-


Should get yourself an Historic Vehicle and vote Tory as they did promise to bring back rolling system.


Well I've got a 1973 B which I'm about to restore but that isn't old enough. Maybe I should whip out the gas guzzler I have in my V8 and exchange it for something else. The 2.3 turbo doesn't sound bad.
What is the smallest but meanest punchiest engine/gearbox one could get into an MGB? Maybe this is the solution.

Hey, while I don't believe the 2.3Turbo ever made it over there, ya'll are lucky enough to have the Cossie motors(I believe the YB motor...but gettin to old to remember). Someone on here linked to a MG conversion with one, I believe in the Ford V6 thread!
G.P. Copes

Time to get a pre 73 wreck and transfer the chassis number to the V8 I mean transfer the V8 to the wreck ...
Paul Hunt


The solution would be a bike engined midget, the B being a bit heavy unless using GF.


More media hype - they don't even know that VED is now 165 not 160!
Chris at Octarine Services

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