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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Intake manifold choice for big Rover?

I understand that the best intake manifolds for a big Rover V8 (this, a 4.6) running a carbed setup (will be using either a Carter 400 or Edelbrock 500) are either the dual-plane Offenhauser or the Edelbrock Performer. However, I noticed that the OE Buick 215 intake is considerably lower in profile. Would prefer not to bulge the hood, but need to put a decent air cleaner on there. If I use either an Offy or Edelbrock with a 2-3/8" filter, even with a massively dropped base (the most dropped you can get is, I think, 1-1/8") my goose is cooked. But I believe I can pull it off with the Buick part. Questions:

1. how much performance do you leave on the table with the Buick 215 part? ... how much more refined are those aftermarket designs? is the original part really not up to snuff for this motor?

2. is there anything you can do to the Buick 215 part to increase its performance to negate some of the difference (i.e. would porting and/or ceramic coating help?)
Pete Williams

Hi Pete,
As you can see by the other thread, there is a lot of options. William Posey was kind enough to invite me to take a look at his car while he was visiting in Naples. He has a Rover 4.2 with a Edelbrock manifold and a 500cfm carb. Neatly packed under the bonnet with the brace intact. A few mods to a drop base air cleaner and about a 1/2" left over. Low motor mounts seem to be the key.


Thanks Kelly. The other thread seems to suggest that the stock Buick 215 manifold is quite a bit lower than the Edelbrock. As long as it can keep up with this motor, I'm inclined to use the stock piece.

The motor is absolutely as low as I can get it in a chrome bumper car leaving the steering rack where it should be(is Bill's car a CB? ... does he have the motor in a non-standard position?). Again, I just want to be able to use a realistic air cleaner if possible, not a super low-drop, thin-element unit. With the electric choke and all, it's just too easy to induce a rich running condition at mid/high-RPM by having too little air filter on there. Or so I am convinced.

I have no problem moving the hood brace an inch or so forward; that's the least of my worries. It does seem sensible to do so so there's no chance of it fouling the air cleaner, and I was planning on it since it should take only a couple of minutes to do.
Pete Williams

This thread was discussed between 04/05/2001 and 06/05/2001

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