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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Is the RV8 cross-member worth it?

Is the RV8 cross-member worth the price? It's well over $2K delivered to the U.S. I assume the brakes are compatible with the regular MGB master cylinder, or does it need to be swapped out for a bigger one?

I need to do some heavy lifting on the front end and I am toying with the idea of going whole hog.
Dan Field

The RV8 front crossmember and suspension have a reputation for both better handling and a better ride as well. Is it worth $2K? That's up to you. My next project will be built on a BMIHT bodyshell with a Rover 3.9L engine, and I'm one of those fanatical perfectionists who doesn't care about the cost. Im willing to wait a while longer so that I can get the money together so I can purchase the RV8 system. As I see it, the reduced maintenance, the coil springs and adjustable Koni shock absorbers are well worth it. By the way, I believe that the calipers on the RV8 do use a different master cylinder that has a larger piston, but I just can't seem to recall offhand what the diameter of the piston is.
Steve S.

I fitted an RV8 crossmember early last year and so far I am very happy with it.As to whether it is worth the money I think it must be.When you consider how much it costs to build up a standard crossmember with upgraded brakes and suspension you are getting near the price of the RV8 axle. Also it was factory developed so the components should work better together.The MGB master cylinder is ok, but use non-synthetic brake fluid.


The RV8 system does seam an easy option as all in one package, but there are other options which will probably give better handling. I use uprated lever arms and negative camber but coil over options are also available with wilwood 4 pots.

The master cylinder question may be down to your own preference as the 4 pots should give you further pedal travel but the larger master cylinder more foot effort.
May also need to consider brake balance with rear. The choice is probably best left to after fitting new brakes.


It's very pretty but you are paying Rover prices for all the RV8 parts - ouch!

I reckon it is worth about half its price in the UK (1750).
Chris Betson

Has anybody driven the Trevor Taylor conversion?
Ian Johnston

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