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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - I've got my 5.0, now what?

Well, I was bored yesterday morning so I went to the Lincoln City impound auction. Usually it's a few junk toyota's etc. and a bunch of bicycles. So I walk in the gate and what's the first thing I see... a rolled '94 Mustang GT! A few minutes and $575 later I am the owner. I'm glad my wife is so understanding! It is a complete car with an auto tranny (darn!) and a disc brake 8.8 rear.

I've made the statement on this bbs that I wasn't interested in using fuel injection. Well, now I've changed my mind. According to Larry, I've got the perfect setup to fit without hood modifications.

Where can I find more info on this fuel injection system and what is involved with the wiring? I need to get ahold of a good wiring diagram. Will my auto tranny computer work with a manual? Without asking a million more questions, anyone who can point me in the right direction to good websites or reading material would be vey much appreciated.

Ryan Reis
Ryan Reis

ryan, the first thing i would do if i was you is to go to the local bank and secure a $15,000 line of credit, but plan on spending 20k to 25k. thats the true test of how understanding the other half is. but seriously, good luck with your project, what car are you putting it in, jim
jim m


Take pictures of the engine bay from every angle etc before you pull anything out or start stripping the harness.

I am not familiar with the front accy's on the 94/95's. You might be able to just use everything that is there. You ARE in for a good bit of wiring harness stripping and shortenening. I would almost say leave it int he car as much as possible and start pulling the casing off. That way you can trace everything.

There is a Fan control module hanging off the collant overflow tank, that can be usefull to let the ECU control your electric fans. The Ignition module will be on the fenderwell also, is a silver finned module with black connector/center section.

The tranny issue is an unknown to me. I have heard people say sometimes the cars will stall with a manual on a auto ECU. Worst case you look around and find just a 94/95 GT ECU from a manual trans car.

I will try to get a 94/95 pinout posted on my site. it is not anything special, but at least gets the base pin's for you. Invest in a voltmeter with a contonuity setting, then you can tone out each wire to see where everything goes.
Larry Embrey

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