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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - K series conversion


I' searching for an upgrade for my dialy driven MG B from 1980, original black American limited edition version. I'm interested in a K series conversion.

At this moment I have a 1600 16v K engine, with all the ancillaries and a gearbox from a 1800TD Ford sierra from 1992.

It is not my intention to create a very fast car but I want a car that is pleasant to drive in modern traffic.

Can you give me all the information I need for this conversion?

Many thanks

Jan Neven

clic on the english version and go for k-series


Jan, check the board listings. Just above this one (MGB Engine Conversions) is one for the K series engine conversions in both B's and midgets (Twin Camn 16v K series Midgets and B's). I'm sure someone on that board could give you the information you need.
Bill Young

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