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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - K&N Air Filter Effectiveness...

Many folks read about the K & N air filters and wonder if they REALLY keep the air clean if they flow so much more air. As a real world example I took a photo last night of one of my SU carbs, immediately after removing the K&N unit from it. I was doing routine maintenance and these filters had not been cleaned in something over a year. WYWIWYG in the photo shown on my MISC Page. (at the bottom of the page) This is just what it looked like, untouched, after a year's time. You can judge for yourself if it is as effective as any other you have experience from. It just seemed like a good opportunity to capture a bit of reality to supplement the "reputation". FWIW.
Bob Muenchausen

As your pic shows, they certainly do work.

I have been using them since the mid 70s on motorcycles and later on my hotrod Camaro & now on my MGV8. I had one on my motocrosser (you know, motorcycles raced on a dirt track). Much more harsh environment than what we will ever see on the street. They deliver as advertised.

There is a reason that they are called the Million Mile Filter. This proves it. An important note is that they do offer a million mile warranty as well, though I do not know all the particulars of the warrenty.
Larry Embrey

I've had one in a Golf GTi for over 100,000 miles, and just cleaned it occasionally, the engine has not been touched, and is still running fine.

I put one on my EFI v8, and have done about 7000 miles, but it split at the neck, so i've replaced it with a similar filter manufactured by Piper Cross.

The local rally and racing guys use them in preference to K & N 's as they reckon they flow more air, I start the engine this weekend after a body rebuild , so we shall see.

Does anybody have experience with PiperCross filters?

Mike Barnfather
Michael barnfather

Make sure to send that K&N back, they should replace it for free. I know your moving to the Pipercross, but it is always nice to have a spare.
Larry Embrey

I used pipercross filters on my sprint MGC for a season and they seemed to only stop the big bits getting in!. Valves guides and seats needed replacing/reseating after one season. Fitted K&N for last season and all is fine this time. Had to reset the carbs (3 Webers) for the K&N as the flow is different than the Pipercross (can't say if less,) but the motor produced the same hp once jetting was reset..... Also had better MPG............

chris cooper

I have used K&N filters on various modified Mini's, MG's, Honda's and other (more mundane) motors over the years. I have had no problems with them at all. An area that a lot of people miss is the air entry to the carb inside the K&N, and I would always recommend the use of a "ram stack", "stub-stack" or "stub-pipe" depending on which term you understand. Certainly on Rubber bumper MGB's the mounting plate inside the "saucepan" air filter can be mounted on the inside of the K&N to provide a nice smooth radius air entry.

A performance magazine in the UK ran a test of K&N, Pipercross, "wire-in-oil" and quality paper filters back in late '80's. K&N outflowed all the others even after an 8 hour baja event and being 1/4 inch deep in sand........ I can find the article if people are really interested, drop me an e-mail.

Phil Hill

BTW, the filter units removed for the photo are 13 yrs old, and have been cleaned and re-oiled on a yearly basis and still look to be close to new in appearance. Also, I just finally finished the original spray can of filter oil I had bought with the filters back then! I would say that is reasonable economy over time. I can easily believe that these will go the Million miles, tho I do wonder about the MGB they are attached to. ;-)

Thanks for reporting your experiences too, it will be a good reference for those who come after.
Bob Muenchausen

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