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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - K&N air filter replacement

Hello again..

I was talking to my mechanic yesterday after picking up my GTV8 following it's alternator rebuild (all seems fine now... :o) , and he was saying that I can replace the standard fit MG air filters with K&N cone filters without any further modification. (ie simply remove and replace)

The original filters are rattling a little due to lack of foam(?) layer in the housing.

Is this the case? Will I see any increase in air flow efficiency with K&N's?

I will be going to Silverstone tomorrow AM (Sunday) on a hunt for spares... See you there!


1973 Bronze Yellow GTV8
Guy Harper

If you *do* see an increase in airflow you will probably upset the mixture/throttle opening profile. My V8 came with conical K&Ns (and tubular manifolds) and I found I was running weak on hard acceleration - got a significant boost by pulling the choke all the way out! If I set the mixture for correct running the CO was way over at idle. Eventually settled for BAK needles which give acceptable running mixture with a legal idle CO. Can still be a bit hesitant on light-throttle pick-up when not fully warm but it is miles better than it was.

Paul Hunt


I fitted "pankake" K&N to my V8 conversion but this was not so easy as your mechanic says. I ordered the filters with MOSS and mentioned these should be for a V8.
When i received the filters, i found the holes for the air to the carburator in the middle of the plate. This doesn't work with the V8 because the carbs are fitted cloose to each other. The hole should be out of the center.
I called MOSS and they were not aware of it and didn't have other filter. So i made such a plate out of Aluminium.
Not so long ago on an exhibition, i spoke to people of Burlen fuel system and they informed me that they can supply plates without a hole in which you can make at the correct position a hole.
Peter van de Velde

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