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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - KV6 Conversion


Sorry it's not the Rover V8...

I've posted this in the K series group but thought someone here may be able to help me.


You know how it is, you have a fun fast car but you want more...
Consequently I keep toying with the idea of extracting more torque from my K series MGB (currently 140 lb ft 170bhp) e.g. using PTP tuning parts. However cost will be getting fairly serious at this level. So, to consider options I then think about replacing the K with a KV6, selling the engine to recoup some of the cost. The questions are,

i) I've heard there are problems with the KV6 heads is this still the case or is it old news

ii) Can I retain the gearbox (Ford Type 9)

iii) I don't have the technical nous to carry out the conversion nor understand just how difficult/easy it is - any suggestions as to who might?

Thanks for any info



Perhaps an add on

Try Tim Fenna Frontline
At moment he has a converted 340bhp V8
Looking at K Kit for B
Numerous K midgets details on site although not all other bits but advertises in SF

Paul Wiley

What sort of power can be had from the KV6?


Thanks for the tips Paul. Have spoken to the very helpful Tim Fenna (does much more for MGBs than I knew). His thoughts were along the lines of 'the KV6 is fine when it is working but is ultimately unreliable due to head and liner problems'. He believes I should employ the 1.8 K4 Turbo as fitted to the 75. He would also tie it up to an Emerald ECU to increase boost as currently it is somewhat under utilised.

Does anyone know the standard torque for this unit in lb ft, quoted as 215 NM whatever that is!

Now to find one of these hen's teeth!

Mark - the rough standard figures for the KV6 is 180 bhp and 177 lb ft torque.




There is a lot of info here on K


Hi Paul,

Thanks, know the site well! Before going to VVC/VHPD heads mine follows pretty much what advocated there, e.g. ported/polished heads, piper cams, solid lifters etc.


215 NM (Newtom Meters) = 158 lb ft
Edd Weninger

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