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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Larger Brake MC

I have installed Rover 4 piston vented front brakes and am now looking for a larger volume master cylinder. Reason for this is two fold. Stock MC is shot and the Rover calipers have greater piston area than the stock 1980 B. While a stock 20.6mm mc may work I would rather have something on the order of 23mm. I thought I had the perfect solution in a Jag S111 MC, its the right stroke and bore but the snout is too large for the booster. Does any one have a sugestion? I will be running a proportioning valve.



Go to Wilwood's website. They have one that looks like a direct swap (almost). You chose the size.
Jeff Schlemmer


I have a similar set-up (Vitesse 4 pots) and I think that the standard twin master cylinder is OK, you might find slightly more pedal movement than previously, but it's barely noticeable .

Michael barnfather

If anyone is interested I have found through the archive one that should work. Its a new 7" booster that bolts right onto the latter box and comes with a 1" Master. Price is right.



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