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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Last MGBGT V8 auction this Sunday

See Lot 11


yes some one has already pointed this lt out in another post i looked at it an hour ago keep up to speed moron
mr mr

It was in mgb gerneral
mr mr

mr mr, please feel free to no longer follow this forum. We really don't need people with your kind of attitude in here.

Andy - I appreciate your posting it here. I do not always jump over into the MGB main forum, so it is nice ot hear about things like that.
Larry Embrey

I second Larry's suggestion and I also appreciate the link.

Thanks Andy

I would not have seen it as I do not check the General section.

Its only down the road from me so might pop in on Sunday.

I presume thats not his real name, what a losser!
Nick Smallwood

Very. He a _ _ _ S off on other boards, also. Must have no life to know what's going on in all the boards/subjects. I occasionally read the V8 conversion board as I would like to add a GTV8 to the 69 Roadster I have now in the next year or two and want to get educated to the issues. Thanks for posting the info.
J.T. Bamford

Thanks for the messages of support guys.

The prices achieved at the auction are now published.

The V8GT went for 9K

A TR7 V8 went for 10K and a sectioned midget went for 4.5K

Most cars went for over their estimate. I'm not sure whether that is good or not. Either the market is buoyant or Ford don't realise they are selling off the family silver.


IMO there is more money around than one might think - I reckon peeps are in a frame of mind to spend on their hobby assets rather than pass any more hard-earned over to the 'investment professionals' in the pensions industry. The sale IMO was a sell-off of tat and odds 'n sods, with one or two notable exceptions. The museum raised around 400,000 which must be a drop in the ocean to them. Bonhams did well as they take 25% margin in total ! I have a small excel of all prices - if anyone is interested drop me an email.

Ford don't own the BMIHT exhibits and hence can't sell them but they do own the building they are kept and displayed in. Because BMIHT is a Trust in theory no one can force them to sell, but I'm suspicious that now Ford have closed their own museum they are putting pressure on BMIHT to make space. I was at Gaydon in June and was surprised to see little change from 1997 in the exhibits on the very full main floor, just the odd Aston, GT40 and Jag on the upper entry level.
Paul Hunt

Does anyone who was there know who bought the last GTV8 or the cut away Midget?

There is a rummor on the MG Car Co section that it was MG Rover but it does not seem to be based on any thing other than speculation.

I would have thought that Midget would only atract museum interest.

David Witham

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