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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Leaking 5 speed SDI gearbox


I converted a 1977 mgb roadster to V8 spec by fitting an engine and gearbox of an Rover SD1. The engine and gearbox were overhauled by me before fitting. Since the conversion i have driven 11000km which were wonderfull.
The only problem is that the gearbox leaks a little threw the output shaft seal. I renewed the oil seal once already and checked if the flange surface was not damaged. This was not the case. The gearbox keeps leaking a little and since checking the oil level is not a 10sec job, i would like to see that the leaking stops. Any suggestions?
Peter van de Velde


Are you sure its the rear drive vlange thats leaking?

I've rebuilt two gearboxes this year and both had been leaking through the shift linkage.

The other option is to change the rear flange seal for a slightly smaller one that will grip the shaft more tightly. While thinking in this direction is the seal correctly centred in its housing and is the mainshaft rear bearing OK?

Also what lubricant are you using? I've found that automatic transmission fluid is really good at getting out of rover gearboxes.

Sorry I've not got an instant answer only more questions - I'll watch this thread with interest in the coming days.

Dave Brooke

This thread was discussed on 17/12/1999

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