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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Liquid Petroleum Gas

Anyone have any experience or knowledge of LPG conversions?

Marc, you might try looking on some Morgan sites. When the plus8 (Rover 3.5 ltr) was brought into the US the way they got it to meet emissions was to convert it to LPG. I'm afraid that I have no personal experience, though.

Good luck and best regards, David Walworth
David Walworth

I have a 3.9 range rover on LPG the cost of the kits to convert the cars are about 500 but you will loose some performance probably not the thing for a performance car try this web site

Mick Black
Michael Black

Thanks for the response and the web address - but wow! what a lot of postings! Cab you point a good posting to start with and what is your general feeling about it all, good or bad?

There was a guy with a green B GT coming back from Le Mans yesterday which was running on LPG.

Sounded good, and appeared to run well. He had a larger than normal fuel tank, which raised the spare wheel by (I would guess) six to nine inches above its normal position.

Safety Fast

Nigel Steward

I am guessing you are thinking of a V8 for the LPG I have installed it on two landrovers a carburated 3.5 on a long wheelbase 109 in that on LPG it ran smoother but seemed down on power quite a lot. The latest on is a 3.9 in a Range rover and it is difficult to tell when its running on gas.The upshot is its great in a rangerover or landrover at 11 MPG I dont think I would put it in a V8 converted MGB.As for the LPG forum its good isnt it. Try installers and advertisers and visit some web sites.
Mick Black
Michael Black

Top Gear showed a 3.9 Discovery conversion that used a modified fuel tank that contained both petrol and LPG, the benfit being that it didn't take up any space, although the petrol range is reduced of course. Said to take six months to pay back at 25k miles per year and 17mpg (from memory). Owner reckoned there was no loss in performance (he is a TV presenter) and seemed smoother and quieter on LPG.

Paul Hunt

In the UK, RPI does LPG conversions specifically for Rover V8s. Might want to check this out:

Wish I could have it done here in the States. Anyone heard of a place in the US that does it?


In Holland i estimate approx. 20% of the cars run on LPG so it is very common. Here the price of LPG is 33% of the petrol price. But the roadtax for cars on LPG is 3 times higher. This means that if you drive 15-20000km a year, it is economical to use LPG. For cars older then 25 years, we don't need to pay road tax so we have a lot of Citroens, Volvo's, Mercs and Rovers older then 25 years running on LPG. One disadvantage is then you need to go to the fuel station more often.
For the LPG tank we see 3 solutions: an additional LPG which leaves the standard petrol tank, a LPG tank which is build where the spare wheel is fitted or replacing the petrol tank by an LPG tank and a smaller petrol tank. The basic LPG systems costs approx GBP 500, - including installation. The more advanced ones, working together with the injection systems cost approx GBP 1000,-
For the engine there is an advantage that the engine stays cleaner. I have a spare V8 engine from the scrapyard which has run on LPG and after opening i found a total clean engine. The disadvantage is that the temperature in the cilinder heads is higher and you need unleaded heads because there is not lead substitute. I found on my spare engine that the valve seats and guide were worn.
Years back when the SD1 was young it was very common to run this car on LPG and the engine is very suitable for LPG.
peter van de velde

Apart from the very earliest Rover V8 heads they are all of unleaded quality, certainly all the factory V8 cars were and of course all engines produced after that. Does LPG run hotter than unleaded? If so I'm not interested, my V8 runs hot enough already.

Paul Hunt

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